Trusted Vaccines

The African Union Commission and the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) as part of the Saving Lives, Economies and Livelihoods campaign have launched Trusted Vaccines. The Trusted Vaccines solution is a bundle of interdependent packages that aims at digitizing, simplifying, and improving vaccine administration and distribution processes, & the security of port and travel screening activities.
The solution has been developed with advanced technologies to ensure robustness, speed in delivery and improved analytics in the port, travel, vaccine administration and overall health security management of nation states and sub-national entities.
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Key Features


Cross Border Travel Solution

  • Cheaper immunity certificates for cross-border movement
  • Guaranteed human-rights paradigms embedded in immunity certificates
  • Fluid regional harmonization and integration
  • Private sector implementation of safe bubbles support

Vaccine Record Management

  • Individual immunization record storage across health systems
  • Dosage slippage and mixups prevention
  • Efficacy tracking in aggregate and at individual level
  • Vaccine effectiveness monitoring

Vaccine Allocation & Administration Scheduling

  • Automated fair slot allocation and scheduling for organized groups / priority recipients
  • Slot randomization for priority recipients in cases where they are more than vaccines available
    Optimized “queuing” and “waitlist management” to avoid overcrowding
  • Automated allocation of vaccines to various health posts/facilities 
  • Health Facility stockout analysis and automated remedying

Post Vaccine Administration & Feedback Management

  • Vaccine side effects reporting
  • Adverse effects catalogs and registers to track impact on marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • Address vaccine hesitancy through enhanced transparency and personalized risk communications.

Trusted Health

The Africa Union and its strategic partners have consolidated the Digital Vaccination and cross-border digital Biosurveillance Platform into a single e-Network: Trusted Health.

Trusted Travel

Together with its partners, African Union and Africa CDC are providing this #TrustedTravel, My COVID Pass tool to simplify verification of public health documentation for travellers during exit and entry across borders.