Public Health Information Systems

Africa CDC supports Member States to develop and establish high-quality information and technology systems.



Strengthened information systems that support public health strategies in Africa. 

Strategic Objectives

  1. Design and implement a continental data-sharing platform for Member States by linking public health institutes in each country through a wide area network managed by Africa CDC. This will enhance secure electronic transmission of relevant data and reports, enable data queries and provide dashboard reporting to monitor priority objectives and outbreak responses. The network may support functional regional networks within the Wide Area Network (WAN). 
  2. Organize, convene and support working groups to develop and promote network domains as well as adoption of informatics guidelines and standards to enable interconnectivity and electronic transmission of data and information among Africa CDC institutes. 
  3. Support training through the RCCs on informatics such as geographic information systems, network domains, analytical and management software, and hardware, including functional needs assessments and procurement. 
  4. Establish data observatories at Africa CDC RCCs through training and collaboration.