National Public Health Institutes and Research

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Strengthened public health science and improved public health decision-making and practice to achieve positive health outcomes. 

Strategic Objectives

  1. Establish Africa CDC public health research agenda with goals and objectives that address priority health issues, which may include certain suitable capacities. 
  2. Strengthen public health research capacity within public institutions, in partnership with academic institutions in Member States. 
  3. Promote collaboration and coordination among existing networks for conducting research on priority public health research issues. 
  4. Re-characterize the known burden of “disease” and other health concerns from a continental and/or regional perspective (core epi, clinical descriptive). 
  5. Assess the effectiveness of existing public health interventions on health conditions that have been prioritized by the health policy instruments of the African Union. 
  6. Support research on surveillance methodologies: quality interventions and innovative technologies. 
  7. Apply multi-sectoral/cross-cutting One Health strategies to the Africa CDC public health research agenda.