Africa Pathogen Genomics Surveillance Network

In September 2020, the Africa CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO AFRO) launched a continental network to accelerate SARS-CoV-2 genomic sequencing and support other priority pathogens in Africa. The network is currently made of 13 centers of excellence (CoEs) serving as sequencing hubs for the 55 Member States. The CoEs in the network provide genomic sequencing, data analysis and other technical support services to the countries where they are located as well as to neighboring countries and countries in their sub regions.

The Africa CDC in collaboration with ASLM, CLSI, and Member States developed provide high- technical and operational considerations for the implementation of genomic sequencing and bioinformatics across the network of laboratories in Africa. The importance of these activities is paramount as genomic epidemiologic surveillance including outbreak detection drives public health surveillance and response.


Download (ENG) File: Technical and operational considerations for the Africa Pathogen Genomics Surveillance Network.pdf