Meeting Report: United in the Fight Against Mpox in Africa High-level Emergency Regional Meeting

Executive summary From April 11-13, 2024, a ‘High-Level Emergency Regional Meeting on Mpox in Africa’ was convened by Africa CDC in collaboration with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and multiple other partners, including CEPI, WHO, UNICEF, INSP, and US Government among others. This report highlights key findings from 9 technical sessions. The high-level ministerial […]

Sero-epidemiological assessment of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine responsiveness and associated factors in the vaccinated community of the Casablanca-Settat Region, Morocco

Sayeh Ezzikouri, Raji Tajudeen, Hind Majidi, Soad Redwane, Safaa Aqillouch, Mohammed Abdulaziz, Merawi Aragaw, Mosoka Papa Fallah, Senga Sembuche, Serge Batcho, Patrick Kabwe, Elizabeth Gonese, Oumaima Laazaazia, Mohcine Elmessaoudi-Idrissi, Nadia Meziane, Abdelhakim Ainahi, M’hammed Sarih, Ahmed E. Ogwell Ouma & Abderrahmane Maaroufi Abstract Assessing the prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 IgG positivity through population-based serological surveys is […]

Empowering Africa’s healthcare future: the crucial role of human capital development in bio- and pharmaceutical manufacturing

Introduction Africa, a continent of immense potential and diversity, has long grappled with complex healthcare challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic has accentuated the urgency of fortifying the continent’s healthcare infrastructure. The Africa Union has since set a target to manufacture 60% of vaccines used on the continent locally by 2040, and established the Partnership for African […]

Climate change and malaria, dengue and cholera outbreaks in Africa: a call for concerted actions

Climate is rapidly changing and bringing extensive direct and indirect adversities to public health globally, either by increasing the seriousness and frequency of public health emergencies or causing new, unanticipated problems. Nearly half (approximately 3.6 billion) of the global population is highly susceptible to the impacts of climate change as they live in regions with […]

The role of Africa CDC during response to COVID-19 pandemic in Africa: Lessons learnt for future pandemics preparedness, prevention, and response

Africa has been highly affected by recurrent emerging and re-emerging public health threats such as Ebola, Marburg, Mpox, Measles, Dengue Fever, Cholera, COVID-19, and others. Learning from the COVID-19 pandemic response, Africa CDC, the only Pan-African Agency, highlights critical lessons learned during the response to the pandemic. In this article published in BMJ Global Health, […]

Rising cases of Pneumonia in Mainland-China

On November 13, 2023, China’s National Health Commission reported a significant increase in respiratory diseases throughout the country. These diseases, which primarily affect children, are caused by various factors, including influenza, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The increase in cases was attributed to two main reasons: […]

Africa CDC – Mastercard Foundation: Saving Lives and Livelihoods Newsletter, June 2023

COVID-19 in Africa: Where are we today? Currently, 14 African nations have vaccinated 70 percent of their eligible population with the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the WHO Tanzania and São Tomé and Príncipe have fully vaccinated their populations, while Botswana has immunised 94 percent of theirs.  Mauritius, Seychelles, and Somalia have vaccinated over 90 percent of […]