Wessam Mankoula

Lead of Africa CDC Emergency Operations Center


Dr Wessam Mankoula is a healthcare professional with over eleven years’ experience in public health emergency management, epidemiology, and practicing medicine.

Dr. Mankoula has a Master’s degree in Public Policy with focus on health policy, American University in Cairo, Egypt (2015), and the Egyptian Board of Epidemiology (2014). He has accomplished Africa CDC Fellowship (2018), Public health Emergency Management Fellowship, US CDC (2018), and the Field Epidemiology Training Program (2012).

He has worked for governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations.  In 2016, he was selected as one of ten African public health professionals to support establishment and operationalisation of Africa CDC under African Union Commission. He is currently serving as the lead of Africa CDC Emergency Operations Centre. He has established a coalition in collaboration with WHO and US CDC to push the agenda of PHEOCs in Africa and support member states. He has also led Africa CDC missions in response to various outbreaks in the African continent such as Ebola in DRC 2019, Rift Valley Fever in Kenya, and cholera in Zimbabwe 2018; and currently is the Africa CDC Incident Manager for COVID-19 in Africa.

His mission is to improve health of people through developing policies and programs targeting disease prevention and control, with a special focus on public health emergency management.