Ebba Secka

Senior Technical Officer – Reproductive Health


I trained as a Community Health Nurse, Registered Nurse and a Registered Midwife (At Risk) , and hold a Master of Philosophy Degree in International Community Health from the University of Oslo in Norway. I also accrued over 24 years of work experienced mainly in the public health sector and partly the UN system notably UNICEF and WHO.

At national level, I served at all levels of the health delivery system in the Gambia at various capacity ranging from General Nursing and Midwifery practitioner, a Community Health Nursing Supervisor at the Village Health Services, Health Facility Officer In charge, Departmental Matron at Hospital Level, Regional Principal Nursing Officer, Principal Research Officer, Principal Program Officer Reproductive Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health and a Regional Director of Health Services in one of the biggest health regions in the Gambia.

At the UN level, I worked as Child Survival and Development officer at UNICEF Gambia Country office for two years, and technically supported Health and HIV, Immunization, Nutrition and WASH and also assumed responsibilities of the WASH Officer in lieu of one for the country Office for a period of a year.

At international Level, I trained as a consultant on Disease Surveillance and Routine Immunization by CDC at Atlanta, and then worked as Stop Transmission of Polio consultant with the WHO Country Office in Uganda in Eastern Africa under the Polio Eradication Initiative Program for a period of two years.

At national coordination level , I volunteered and took a lead role as National Task Force Chairperson for the Global Fund New Funding Model for Tuberculosis added HSS for the Gambia in 2014, and we collectively as a nation succeeded with a grant of Seven million dollars funding for TB programming and additional Three Million dollars for HSS.

I ardently have strong passion to improve Maternal Newborn Child and Adolescent Health particularly in Africa, and also contribute to the prevent ion of Maternal Newborn and child morbidity and mortality.

Finally, over time I developed keen interest on Maternal and Reproductive Health Research and practice and as well been a strong advocate for evidence-based practice.

EBBA Secka