Dzety Nadjombe

Public Health Fellow - Surveillance & Response


Dzety NADJOMBE has more than 10 years of experience in legal advice, administrative management, local governance, human resources management, human rights, and citizenship…

She has gained valuable experience through the responsibilities she has held throughout her career. As a lawyer & project manager in an international firm (ALG) she contributed to the development of the company’s organisational strategy, the management of the company’s various contracts, MoU & agreements, the monitoring of internal and external activities. She also supported the implementation and monitoring of projects including the COPEGOL/WB project, Peace through Development USAID (CAG), diagnostic and social (humanitarian) impact studies of development projects as well as legal consultant for specific NDI surveys… She is also a partner in the law firm CONAFEX, which specialises in legal support for companies and individuals, project set-up and management, actuarial studies, and social and environmental impact studies.

She joined the African Union in 2018, as a Legal Officer at the African Court of Human Rights where she contributed to the processing of applications, legal research for the drafting of judgments, drafting of administrative notes, administrative management and regular monitoring of files.

She is in charge of operations at the Central Africa Regional Coordinating Centre/Africa CDC since 2020 as Legal & Administrative Officer. Dzety holds a Master’s degree in Public Administrative Law and a Master’s degree in Project Management. She also studied a Master in International Affairs and a Master in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

Dzety Nadjombe