Dr Benjamin Djoudalbaye

Head, Division of Policy, Health Diplomacy and Communication


Dr Benjamin Djoudalbaye, MD, MSc. MPH, Pg. Dipl. infectious diseases is Head of Policy, Health Diplomacy and Communication at Africa CDC. Prior to joining Africa CDC, he was a Senior Health Officer for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria and other Infectious Diseases at the African Union Commission for more than eight years. Before then he worked for the International SOS, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Chad and SOLTHIS. He has strong professional experience in strategic planning, administration, management and evaluation of policies, infectious diseases and public health programmes and projects, capacity building, and operational research in Africa. He also has a good knowledge of coordination mechanisms including multidisciplinary and multisectoral teams, partnerships development, negotiation skills, advocacy and resource mobilization, multilateral and bilateral cooperation, public and private sector, and civil society. Dr Djoudalbaye holds a Doctor of Medicine degree, a master’s degree in population studies and public health and specialized training certificates in infectious diseases and epidemiology and biostatistics from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1, and HIV/AIDS and sexual reproduction health from the University Denis Diderot Paris 7.

Benjamin Djoudalbaye