Amina Jummai Mohammed

Technical Officer, Epidemiologist Rapid Responder


Amina Jummai Mohammed is a professional Epidemiologist with significant and progressive experience fostering efficiency in (outbreak response, Public health communication expert and data analyst). My backgrounds are Microbiologist and an Environmental Health Officer. 

I am a licensed Environmental Public health officer with expertise in field experience of Public Health Emergencies. I have 13 years of experience as a Public Health Practitioner and have worked as a technical officer in Federal Ministry of Health and Nigeria Public Health Institute. I have led teams in to respond to several outbreaks with Efficient Service Delivery. I have worked actively in Member States, National and international organizations. 

My responsibilities are to support Country Engagement Stream Saving Lives and Livelihoods Program to develop microplans, operational workplans, and tracking implementation across Member States. I also coordinate meetings, process approvals and I also provide technical support to Neglected Tropical Disease unit in Disease Prevention And Control Department.

Jumma Amina