Abdulaziz Tugume

National Coordinator - Southern RCC


Abdulaziz Tugume is an epidemiologist and public health specialist with over 8 years of experience in public health practice, majorly in infectious diseases emergency preparedness and response, outbreak investigations, Research, Project management, and partner coordination. He worked for Uganda’s Ministry of Health as a Technical Assistant on the immunization data quality improvement project, as an epidemiologist, and later as a Technical Officer. As a Technical Officer, he organized the formation of the Social Listening and Evidence Generation sub-pillar of the COVID-19 incident management system that supported the real-time tracking of rumors of public health concerns, and generating evidence to inform risk communication messaging. He is a holder of a Master of Public Health (MPH-Epidemiology) and a Bachelor of Environmental Health Science from Makerere University, with additional training in Humanitarian and disaster Resilience Leadership (DRL), Leading and Managing for Results in Pandemics (LMRP), and International Outbreak Response with GOARN and WHO.

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