Call for Application: AMR Advocacy Photo Contest

The annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA) provides a unique African-led platform for leaders across the continent to reflect on lessons learned in health and science and align on a way forward for creating more resilient health systems.

Expanding the horizons of the conference once again, CPHIA 2023 will showcase how the continent is breaking down barriers, reaffirming Africa as a powerhouse in science and innovation, generator of new knowledge and health products, and exemplar of progress.

As African countries accelerate the realization of a New Public Health Order, this year’s conference will help to build a healthier, more prosperous Africa – for the continent, and the world.

As part of its activities, Africa CDC is promoting artistic expression in a variety of formats, including photography, by launching an AMR photo competition called “AMR advocacy in photos”

  1. Theme of the photo contest

Preventing Antimicrobial resistance together.

Description: A captivating photograph(s) that illustrates the collaborative relationship between humans, animals, and the environment in preventing antimicrobial resistance, emphasizing the interconnection of our well-being, which collectively contributes to maintaining our health.

  1. Eligibility and submission criteria

a) Eligibility

    The contest is open to students across Africa aged between 18 to 30 years old.

    b) Submission

    Formats for the photographs are the following: jpg, tiff, png, psd, bmp. Files must not be over 10 MB.

    The following information must be provided in a word format:

    • Author’s name
    • Date of the photograph
    • Place of the photograph (Location, Country)
    • Title of the photograph
    • Accompanying text explaining the nature of the photograph and how it relates to AMR Side event theme (100 words)
    1. Evaluation area
    • Quality of the photo
    • Emotion
    • Story telling
    • Relation to the main theme of the event.
    1. Selection Process

    The selection will be done in two steps.

    1st Phase: 1 winner per Region

    This stage will consist of electing the regional winners for the 5 regions.

     2nd Phase: The continental winner.

    This stage will consist of electing the continental winner.

    Judge committee

    1st phase: The application will be judged by the Africa CDC communication experts in collaboration with an independent body of adjudicators in the field of AMR.

    2nd phase: The application will be judged by the Africa CDC communication experts in collaboration with an independent body of adjudicators in the field of AMR.

    1. Awards

     1st phase: All the 1st phase winner (5 winners) will be offered the CPHIA Experience in Zambia Lusaka (and have the opportunity to interact with the AMR Stakeholders.

    2nd phase: While in Zambia, the continental winner will receive the AMR advocacy contest Certificate and will be appointed as one of the Youth Africa CDC AMR champion

    Africa CDC will acknowledge the champion’s achievements and provide a platform

    including public announcements, press releases, and recognition at the CPHIA event.

    Africa CDC will facilitate connections with experts, professionals, and organizations in the field of AMR, including youth-led AMR organizations, to enable the winner to collaborate with others in the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

    Africa CDC will provide mentorship and guidance to the champion on how to effectively advocate for AMR awareness and action and public relations and communication for the champion to effectively communicate their message and engage with the media.

    1. Exclusion criteria: Photographs that contain inappropriate theme as sexual, racist or any other theme that may result offending for the audience will be rejected. Photographs that are not submitted together with the Consent and Declaration form will be rejected.
    2. Copyright and permission: The person who submits a photograph must agree with the Consent and Declaration form.
    3. Ownership: Ownership of the photographs will be maintained by the participant. However, by participating to the contest, the author gives permission to Africa CDC to display it during the CPHIA and to use it in any format, printings, e-flyer and to also use it on the Africa CDC website and social media handles.


    1. Submission: Click to submit your photo + the word document describing the photograph + signed consent form.
    2. Deadline: The application will be open by the 30th October, 2023 and shall close by Friday 14th of November, 2023 (at 4PM EAT)

    Should you have any queries or require further assistance, please contact us on Email: , and

    We look forward to receiving your application and celebrating Youth commitment to the fight against AMR in Africa using various communication aspects as photographs. Important note: The judges’ decision shall be final. By accepting to enter for these contest, the winners have accepted the rules and conditions of the Award without any reservations.


    30 October 2023 – 14 November 2023


    Africa CDC