World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW) Campaign for Africa

Global theme: ‘Preventing antimicrobial resistance together’ BackgroundAntimicrobial agents1, including antibiotics, have saved millions of lives by substantially reducing the burden of diseases in people, animals, and plants and hence improving quality of life, contributing to better food security and safety, and aiding to increased life expectancy.However, the emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in […]

World Antimicrobial Awareness Week (WAAW), 18-24 November 2021

Theme: “AMR Governance: Preventing AMR Is Our Shared Responsibility” The African Union Task Force on AMR,  African regional tripartite members (FAO, OIE, WHO) and UNEP, are organizing the 3rd continental joint WAAW Africa campaign under the theme for the regional WAAW 2021 is “AMR Governance- Preventing AMR Is Our Shared Responsibility” The theme for the […]

Africa CDC Inaugural One Health Conference

Increasing globalization, urban density, ease of travel, animal movement, environmental changes and habitat overlap between humans and animals, all provide opportunities for the emergence and spread of diseases that adversely impact both human and animal health, prosperity, and food security. COVID-19 and Ebola virus disease are two recent examples of how these various factors have […]