Vaccine R&D and Vaccine Manufacturing Competency Frameworks


I am delighted to introduce the Competency Frameworks for Vaccine Manufacturing and Research and Development Competency Frameworks, which have been prepared through collaborative efforts with key stakeholders in the industry,  supported by Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC). The Competency Frameworks are essential tools for ongoing assessment of training needs, the development of curricula and transparency of course offerings.

Established in 2021 by the African Union (AU), the Partnerships for African Vaccine Manufacturing (PAVM) set to deliver a bold goal of enabling the African vaccine manufacturing industry to develop, produce, and supply over 60 percent of the total continental vaccine demand by year 2040, up from the current less than 1 percent. Interim goals have also been set to achieve 10 percent by 2025 and 30 percent by 2030. The Framework for Action (FFA),a guiding document of PAVM, outlines critical strategies and interventions to enable the development and foster the growth of a sustainable vaccine manufacturing industry in Africa.

The African vaccine research, development, and manufacturing sector currently employs approximately 3,000 Full-time Employees (FTEs), which is markedly insufficient compared to the 12,500 FTEs required to realize Africa’s 2040 ambitions. This shortfall represents a significant challenge in scaling up vaccine manufacturing and the development of R&D talent across the continent.

The Frameworks delineated in this report are not merely theoretical constructs. They serve as pragmatic tools in our journey towards self-reliance in vaccine manufacturing in pursuit of vaccine self-sufficiency. These Frameworks, among other applications, underpin the development of tools for assessment of vaccine manufacturing and vaccine R&D needs. These assessment tools, to be rolled out by Africa CDC, are designed to map training needs and guide initiatives for talent development. Moreover, they provide consistency in nomenclature and enhance transparency in educational program offerings. As such, we hope they will become invaluable resources for training providers, vaccine manufacturers and research institutions.

I wish to extend my profound gratitude to the Secretariat of the PAVM and to all the dedicated individuals and organizations involved in formulating these frameworks. I am equally indebted to the esteemed experts whose insights and expertise assure these Frameworks’ integrity and relevance.

As we embark on this noble endeavour, I call upon all stakeholders to unite. Together, we can bolster talent development and research and development capabilities on the continent. May these competency frameworks be instrumental in achieving the aim of having the African vaccine manufacturing industry develop, produce, and supply over 60 percent of the total vaccine doses required on the continent by 2040.

Looking ahead to the New Deal and the New Public Health Order for Africa, we must strive for a continent that is self-reliant not only in vaccine production but in all aspects of healthcare provision.


H.E. Dr Jean Kaseya

Director General, Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC)

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