The Africa Pathogen Genomics Initative (Africa PGI) Integrated Genomic Surveillance and Data Sharing Platform (IGS)

Africa CDC Institute of Pathogen Genomics (IPG) was launched in November 2019 and operates under the Division of Laboratory Systems and Networks. IPG coordinate the implementation of molecular diagnostics, pathogen genomics and bioinformatics in National Public Health Institutions (NPHIs) and/or Reference
Laboratories (NRLs) across Africa.
Africa CDC and ASLM are coordinating a continental initiative to maximize the benefits of molecular approaches and pathogen genomics for more effective outbreak preparedness, prevention, response, and for the control and elimination of endemic diseases in Africa. One of Africa CDC’s flagship initiative is the Africa
Pathogen Genomics Initiative (Africa PGI), a partnership that aims to strengthen laboratory systems and enhance genomic surveillance by equipping the continent’s
public health institutions with the tools, training, and data infrastructure.

About the Project
Approximately 700,000 deaths occur globally annually due to infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) pathogens. In Africa, western sub-Saharan Africa,
is disproportionately affected by AMR relative to other regions. The pervasiveness of AMR in this region threatens to reverse health gains made over the past years,
curtailing the achievement of sustainable development goals. Thus, a robust surveillance system to the emergence and spread of AMR, particularly in bloodstream
infections (BSIs) which are associated with high morbidity and mortality is much needed. In this project, genomic sequencing technologies will be employed to rapidly analyse genomic sequences, identify markers of resistance, and facilitate timely data sharing to support evidence-based decision-making for public health

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