Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using data to find a Balance (Part II)

Executive summary: Six months into the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have had to make tough decisions
about how best to protect the public’s health first and foremost, while also safeguarding livelihoods and reducing the social harm that can come with bringing many society activities to a near halt.
Generally, African Union (AU) Member States have confirmed fewer cases per capita compared to other regions of the world. Reported cases peaked in late July and early August—driven by the epidemic in South Africa—and have since
tapered off; however, data on testing capacity indicates many cases are going undetected. This report—which is the second in the Partnership for Evidence-Based Response to COVID-19’s (PERC) “Responding to COVID-19 in Africa: Using Data to Find a Balance”—analyzes multiple data sources to help governments as they navigate the pandemic, which does not yet have an end date in sight.





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