Role of Regional Structures in Building Resilient Health Systems and Enhancing Health Security in Africa


Article (23) of the Africa CDC Statute states that “In the execution of its strategic work plan, the Africa CDC will network and harness public health assets in each region including through its Regional Coordinating Centers (RCCs). The coordination and support of the RCCs is to ultimately bring into reality an ‘Africa CDC without walls’ that supports the continent at the point of need, rather than from a centralized, distant location.” Therefore, engagement with key regional partners (Member States, Regional Economic Communities, Donors, and health partners) will ensure better alignment, standardization, and harmonization of approaches to fully harness each region’s different public health efforts and capacities.
In light of this, the Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Coordinating Centers (RCCs) hosted a high-level side event during the International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2023) on 29th November 2023. The event, titled ‘The Role of Regional Structures in Strengthening Health Systems and Enhancing Health Security in Africa,’ emphasized the necessity of strengthening health systems in African Member States through targeted programs and effective collaborations. It also explored the pivotal role played by the Africa CDC’s Regional Coordinating Centers in enhancing health system resilience.


The side event commenced with the screening of an insightful video illustrating the progress in implementing the Saving Lives and Livelihood Program. Dr Lul Riek, Regional Director, Southern Africa RCC and Acting Regional Director, Eastern Africa RCC, commenced the proceedings by articulating the objectives of the side event, followed by the formal introduction of esteemed dignitaries.

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