Internal Directive on Project Closure

1. The Programmatic Priorities set out in Africa CDC’s Strategic Plan 2023-2027 are delivered through a series of actions managed in its Technical Programme Centres or through Africa CDCs Implementation Partners. Notwithstanding the modality of implementation, these actions are managed as projects with defined objectives, duration and funding, for which Africa CDC and its partners are mutually accountable under the terms of agreements and in accordance with sound project management principles.
2. Closure is the final stage in the project management cycle. Projects should be closed in a timely manner to manage fiduciary risk, meet donor expectations, avoid costly extensions and enable the timely transfer of physical and intangible assets for the sustainability of results. Closing a project requires assessing overall performance, quality and lessons learned, and necessary handover to ensure sustainability.
3. The objective of this Internal Directive is to support Africa CDC’s commitment to meeting the above goals as well as compliance with related requirements in project funding agreements for operational completion and financial closure.

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