Directive on Grievance Redress Mechanisms


1. A significant component of Africa CDC’s work is undertaken through projects implemented directly by Africa CDC or through Implementing, Partners.  While the objectives of projects are aimed at producing positive impacts, they may also  give rise to uncertainties, unintended consequences or actions not compliant with Africa CDC policies.  A grievance redress mechanism (GRM) is a set of arrangements that enable any affected stakeholders to seek information, raise concerns or report grievances concerning projects and to seek redress when they perceive a negative impact has arisen from the project activities. This directive focuses on those communications which are grievances.

2. As illustrated in the simple overview below, GRMs come in different forms.  In all cases, Africa CDC’s Institutional GRM is available to receive grievances from stakeholders for all Africa CDC projects and activities.  Depending on the particular characteristics of a project, this may be supplemented by an Implementing Partner’s own Institutional GRM if that exists, or by project-specific GRMs which may be tailored specifically to the project’s scope, structure and risks and may incorporate existing local or community dispute resolution mechanisms.

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