Africa’s Leadership Role in the Development and Access to Potential COVID-19 Vaccine: Rapporteur’s Report for Day Two

SPECIAL SESSION II: Role of the Private Sector in COVID 19 Vaccines Development and Access

Needs for Private Sector Engagement:

  • Pooling the research: public and private resources needed to fund research and development process not only for COVID 19. With 25% of vaccine consumption in Africa, barriers to investments in the business of vaccine need to be addressed inclusive of the need to harmonise the regulatory process. The growing pharmaceutical industry can pool resources.
  • Finance: raise the resources needed through collaboration with philanthropist, private sector and engagement and collaboration with international providers so Africa can be part of the supply chain.
  • Intellectual property right : IPR for vegetable derived product is needed.

What can Africa leaders do that vaccine developed address the needs of its population?

  • Ensure COVID 19 vaccine addresses the need of the most vulnerable people including elderlies and those in low resource countries. Elderlies do not respond well to vaccines this developed vaccines need to be modified for adult use.
  • FHI360 proposed a body of work with institutions in Africa to understand the history of disease in LMIC, how to deploy the vaccine, and ensure evidence based advocacy and policy.
  • Current data generated from ongoing research needed for future COVID 19 vaccine research. Sadly the world is not prepared for deployment of a COVID 19 vaccine. […]
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