Finding the Balance: Public health and social measures in Tunisia

This report describes findings from a telephone survey with 1,197 people conducted in September 2021, alongside local epidemiological and secondary data. The survey was approved by the Tunisian Ministry of Health, Primary Healthcare Administration to examine experiences and responses to public health and social measures (PHSMs) to prevent COVID-19 transmission. This is the fourth PERC […]

COVID-19 Tiered Public Health and Social Measure Framework for Africa

Introduction Tiered public health and social measures (PHSM) systems are a core component of effective COVID-19 preparedness, response and risk communication. These systems use indicators of disease spread to determine the appropriate level of PHSMs at a given time and in a given place, informing targeted interventions that are appropriate for different levels of disease […]

PERC: Biweekly Report (22 December – 04 January 2021)

Reporting period: 22 December 2020–4 January 2021 Biweekly Report: As Africa’s second wave of COVID-19 cases surpasses the height of its first, African Union (AU) Member States across the continent have reinstated measures to control the spread of the virus. Unlike in April and May, most AU Member States have avoided complete lockdowns, and PHSMs […]

PERC: Biweekly Report (24 November – 07 December 2020)

Reporting period: 24 November–7 December Biweekly Report With the prospect of a widely available COVID-19 vaccine for Africa still months away, health officials are concerned that travel for the December holidays will increase cases and overwhelm health system that are already taxed. As many AU Member States—and countries around the world—experience second waves, the lack […]