Outbreak Brief 7: Ebola virus disease (EVD) Outbreak

6 April 2021

Outbreak Update: Since the last brief (29 March 2021), five new cases with three new deaths have been reported in N’Zerekore, Guinea. Cumulatively in Africa, 35 EVD cases, including 18 deaths (CFR: 51%), and 15 recoveries have been reported from DR Congo (12 cases; 6 deaths; 6 recoveries) and Guinea (23; 12; 9) – see Table 1 for the subnational breakdown. Seven healthcare workers are amongst the confirmed cases: DR Congo (2) and Guinea (5).

● DR Congo updates: It has been 35 days since the last confirmed case was reported in DRC. Provided no new confirmed cases are reported, the outbreak will be declared over in 28 days.
● Guinea updates: Since the last brief, two new confirmed cases, three new probable cases with three new deaths have been reported in Soulouta, N’Zerekore prefecture. Cumulatively, 23 cases (16 confirmed, 7 probable), 12 deaths (CFR: 52%), and nine recoveries have been reported. See Table 1 for the breakdown by region and sub prefecture.