Outbreak Brief 6: Sudan Ebola virus disease (EVD) in Uganda

2 November 2022

Outbreak update: Since the last brief (26 October 2022), 21 new confirmed and 12 new confirmed deaths (case fatality rate [CFR]: 57%) of Sudan Ebola virus disease (SVD) were reported from Uganda. This is a 56.2% decrease in the number of confirmed cases and a 71% increase in the number of new deaths reported compared to last brief.
Cumulatively, 130 confirmed cases and 43 confirmed deaths (CFR: 33%) were reported from seven health districts: Bunyangabu (1 cases; 0 deaths), Kagadi (1; 1), Kampala (17; 2), Kassanda (40; 11), Kyegegwa (4; 1), Mubende (65; 28), and Wakiso (2; 0). A total of 45 recoveries have been registered. Healthcare workers account for 13.8% (18) of the cases and 13.9% (6) of all deaths (CFR: 33%).
Note: Prior to the initial confirmation of SVD in Uganda, 20 probable deaths from Mubende (19) and Kassanda (1) districts were identified during epidemiological investigations launched after the initial cases were confirmed and are determined to be part of this outbreak; these probable cases/deaths are not included in the totals being reported in this brief.