Outbreak Brief 4: Ebola virus disease (EVD) Outbreak

16 March 2021

Outbreak Update: Since the last brief (9 March 2021), one new probable case, two new deaths, and four new recoveries of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) and Guinea. Cumulatively, 30 EVD cases, 15 deaths (CFR: 50%), and eight recoveries have been reported from DR Congo (12 cases; 6 deaths; 2 recoveries) and Guinea (18; 9; 6). Seven healthcare workers are amongst the confirmed cases: DR Congo (2) and Guinea (5).

● DR Congo updates: Since the last brief, one new probable case, one new death, and no new recoveries from EVD have been reported. Cumulatively, 12 cases (11 confirmed and 1 probable) with six deaths (CFR: 50%), and two recoveries have been reported. See Table 1 for the breakdown by health zone.
● Guinea updates: Since the last brief, no new confirmed cases or deaths have been reported. However, four new recoveries have been reported in Nzérékoré. Cumulatively, 18 cases (14 confirmed, 4 probable), nine deaths (CFR: 50%), and six recoveries have been reported. See Table 1 for the breakdown by region and sub-prefecture.
● Cross-border updates: Between 15 February to 12 March 2021, 18 EVD-related alerts were reported in Sierra Leone. All alerts were investigated and tested negative for EVD by PCR. As of today no confirmed case has been reported from Sierra Leone.