Outbreak Brief 2: Monkeypox in Africa Union Member States

28 June 2022

Global Update (non-endemic countries): Since 13 May 2022, and as of 27 June 2022, 4,357
confirmed cases and one death of monkeypox have been reported from 48 countries that are not
endemic for monkeypox. These countries are mainly in Europe and North America.1
On 23 June 2022, the International Health Regulations 2005 (IHR) Emergency Committee held a
meeting to discuss the ongoing multi-country monkeypox outbreak. The Committee issued the
following conclusions and advice:
• The current multi-country outbreak does not constitute a Public Emergency of International
Concern (PHEIC) at this time. Key issues discussed prior to this decision include:

  • Plateauing or downward trends in case numbers in some of the countries
    experiencing outbreak early on
  • Low severity of cases (mortality and rates of hospitalization)
  • Knowledge gaps and areas of uncertainty for which more information is needed to
    support a more comprehensive assessment of the public health risk
    • The event needs to be monitored closely and reviewed after a few weeks based on specific
    reassessment criteria;
    • The response to the outbreak requires collaborative international efforts and must serve as a
    catalyst to increase efforts to address monkeypox in the longer term in endemic countries;
    • Finally, in alignment with article 44 of the IHR, countries are encouraged to collaborate, share
    information and engage with affected communities effectively.