Outbreak Brief 11: Ebola virus disease (EVD) Outbreak

4 May 2021

Outbreak Update: Since 27 April 2021, no new cases or deaths from Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in Guinea and Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo). Cumulatively 35 cases of EVD, including 18 deaths (CFR: 51%), and 16 recoveries from the DR Congo (12 cases; 6 deaths; 6 recoveries) and Guinea (23; 12; 10). This includes two health workers from the DR Congo and five health workers from Guinea.
● Updates from the DR Congo: The last confirmed EVD case was reported on 14 March 2021 (64 days ago). There have been no new cases confirmed during the countdown period, and the 12th EVD outbreak in DR Congo is now declared over by the Ministry of Health.
● Updates from Guinea: The last confirmed EVD case and death was reported on 4 April 2021 (28 days ago). Eight days into the countdown to declare the end of Guinea’s EVD
outbreak if no new cases are confirmed.
Member States bordering Guinea continue to remain vigilant. Sierra Leone continues to report on alerts and currently, two alerts are pending laboratory results. Since the onset of EVD in Guinea, Sierra Leone has investigated 43 EVD-related alerts.