Principal Technical Officer: Community Health System | Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Job purpose:
The Principal Technical Officer, Community Health system will serve as a principal officer in the Division of Community System, Africa CDC to strengthen public health security by providing technical support to ensure a robust community health system across the continent for health system strengthening and disease/outbreak, pandemic response on the continent.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
The Principal technical Officer Community Health System shall perform the following major duties and responsibilities:

  • Support the Head of Division in the Implementation of Africa CDC strategy for capacities building
    of Member states, scaling-up, and strengthening of the Community Health Workforce on the
    African continent.
  • Support the engagement of stakeholders within Members States and RCCs in designing and
    implementing strategies to develop community health components and programs.
  • Support to coordinate efforts to develop Africa CDC legal frameworks, technical standards and
    tools, and operational platforms and policies, guidance, mechanisms to guide and facilitate the
    implementation, evaluation and provision of feedback on Infection Prevention & Control on the
    continent as appropriate;
  • Manage infectious diseases, implement operational strategic frameworks and monitor the
    development and progress of operations, involving diverse stakeholders in situations requiring
    innovative approaches for establishing risk mitigation strategies and capacities for priority highthreat infectious hazards;
  • Lead the CHW Unit Strategy development as part of the overall Africa CDC strategic plan
  • Lead the advocacy and coordination role for harmonized approaches and optimal resource
    utilization at Africa CDC, RCCs, Partners and Member States for strong and sustainable
    Community Health Systems at all levels.
  • Ensure coordination and provide advice on implementation and operational issues; contribute to
    Africa CDC’s organization-wide work in the development, implementation and oversight of
    Community Health Workers policies, strategies, programmes of work.
  • Develop strategic partnerships and networks and oversee collaborations in developing and
    operating Community Health Systems and manage the execution of community health systems
    engagements, partners & project management.
Closing date
22 January 2024