Announcement for Application for Certification Assessments


The Africa Centers for Disease Control (Africa CDC) launched the Biosafety and Security Initiative in April 2019 to strengthen the biosecurity and biosafety systems of African Union Member States to enable them to comply with international standards for Biosafety and Biosecurity.

Biosafety aims to prevent the unintentional or accidental release of pathogens and toxins to personnel handling the pathogens, the general population, and the environment, while biosecurity aims to prevent the deliberate theft or diversion of high-risk biological agents or toxins for use for harmful purposes including bioterrorism or biological weapons proliferation. Hence, high containment facilities play a critical role in ensuring protection of the workers, the communities, and the environment.

Africa CDC, in collaboration with Member States developed a Regulatory and Certification Framework for Institutions Handling High Risk Pathogens. The Framework sets the requirements for facilities handling High Consequence Agents and Toxins (HCATs) with respect to the design, commissioning, routine operation safe and secure biocontainment laboratories.

Applications are open for Institutions handing high risk pathogens to apply for certification assessments. For applications to be considered

  • Complete the Application Form for enrolment and submit to
  • All forms should be submitted through the designated officer/person from the Ministry of health
  • You application must be accompanied by the following documents
    • The Self-Assessment Report (not more than 12 months old from time of application)
    • Risk Assessment report (not more than 12 months from time of application)
    • Biosafety and Biosecurity Manual (up to date)
    • The Floor Plan
    • Biorisk Management Plan
    • Contingency Plan

How to apply

Download the following documents and submit the application form along with the requested documents to

*Please disregard the section below ‘Attach Resume’ field and the ‘submit button’ beneath it. 

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