Suzan Kessy

Public Health Fellow


Ms Suzan Kessy is an electronics and telecommunication engineer with more than three years of experience in data analysis, communication and administration. She currently serves as Public Health Fellow at Africa CDC, where she is responsible for supporting developmental projects involving public health informatics and the design and implementation of IT systems, developing of surveys/studies or projects, and assists with the analysis of epidemiologic investigation data. Before joining Africa CDC, Ms Kessy served as Data Analysts for Off-grid Electric Co. where she performed the following duties: curating a knowledge base of data sources, using SQL to perform queries from the data warehouse, preparing data for insertion into the data warehouse, and responding to data enquiries from the operations team by building useful reports and dashboards. Ms Kessy holds a master’s degree from Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology (NM-AIST), Tanzania. She speaks fluent Swahili and English.